Ears, Eyes and Nose

Is there a feature that you always wanted to change?  Even a small adjustment can make a substantial difference in your appearance.  Let our board certified plastic surgeons analyze your facial features and see what these changes could mean for you.  Ear pinning or Otoplasty can set back the ear and allow you to pull back your hair and feel confident in your appearance.  The Otoplasty is commonly done in childhood yet many adults are having this procedure done and really enjoying their results.

We perform all type of eyelid procedures including upper and lower eyelid lifts (Blepharoplasty) procedures.  We are experts in the no scar lower eyelid procedure.

What facial feature is more personal than your nose centered on your face?  This structure is so important to your image. Our surgeons are experts in nasal surgery (Rhinoplasty). Some patients want the bump shaved down and other want the nose made smaller. There are countless options that are possible in nasal surgery.

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