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We are a state-of-the art skin care Emporium and much more. Our highly trained paramedical estheticians will analyze your skin needs and suggest the ideal products and treatments individualized for you.
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spa_endermologie_pageEndermologie is the latest high-tech medical treatment for cellulite and body shaping that don’t disturb the integrity of the skin. Having originated in France in the late 1970s, Endermologie quickly assess overseas and is currently a hit in U.S. beauty centers. The machine CELLU M6 Keymodule restructures skin’s connective tissue, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, and facilitates the removal of toxins. By activating the body’s natural process to burn excess fat, endermologie tones, tightens, and that situation leads to smooth skin and a weaker, finer figure.




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Endermologie staff

Endermologie is a pleasant full-body 35 minute long massage. Commonly targeted areas include: abdomen, love handles, front and back thighs, buttocks, calves and back.

Single session   $55
Package of 10   $510
Package of 15   $775


The removing of toxins from the lymphatic system, allowing healthier fluids and nutrients to enter the tissue. Also enhances surgical procedures by doing pre and post surgery treatments. Aids in minimizing bruising and swelling post op.

Face & Neck             $35
Eyes                          $15
Neck                           $15
Face package of 4    $125
Eyes package of 4    $50