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Breast Implant Exchange and Repair

Consider breast implant exchange if you desire a larger or smaller breast size. A repair can be done for a tight or hard breast or for a mal-positioned breast implant.
Before & After- Dr RossBefore & After- Dr Buck

This procedure is know as breast implant exchange or revision surgery It can be done for a number of reasons. You may wish to have a larger breast implant size or exchange your saline breast implants to the new cohesive gel implants now available.  Occasionally, a deflation will occur and a saline breast implant will need to be exchanged.  For others the procedure may become necessary to remove or adjust scar tissue (capsular contracture) which can form in the implant pocket.  For others this procedure can be done to reposition the breast implant (capsulorraphy).  Join our board certified plastic surgeons who have extensive clinical experience in performing this type of breast surgery.  Be sure to bring your questions to to consultation.  Be sure to ask us about the breast implant warranty that comes with your breast implant procedure.


breast3When a breast augmentation procedure fails to achieve the desired aesthetic results, patients facing revision surgery may feel anxious and powerless- with no control of their own body or appearance.

We offer our patients Strattice Tissue Matrix from Life Cell and Seri Silk from Allergan. These products also called ADM (acelluar tissue matrix) are invaluable in solving difficult problems that arise in revision breast surgery.  The challenge may be Bottoming out which occurs when the support structures are weak or tear and the implant drops lower than desired as a result of skin stretch. The challenge may be Fold Malposition which occurs when the lower or side breast boarder has moved causing the implant to move downward or to the side. The challenge may be Symmastia where the implants are too close together or even touching.  The challenge may be Wrinkling or Rippling. Appearance of implant wrinkles, ripples or irregular contours on the skin surface. Our plastic surgeons are the local experts in using these new modern materials to solve difficult problems and allow the patient to have a revision and repair and get their beautiful breasts back.  Be sure to mention your particular concern with our surgeons during your consultation.