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Face/Neck Lift Surgery For Men

Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre is here to help you make a confident, informed decision about Face/Neck Lift Surgery.
Before and After- Dr RossBefore and After- Dr Buck

A face lift can reduce sagging skin on the face and neck, helping these areas to appear firmer and fresher. Your bone structure, heredity and skin texture all play a role in how many “years” a facelift can “remove” and, to some extent, influence how long it will last.

We perform a facelift operation one side at a time, working through incisions that are placed in the hairline, as well as in front of and behind the ears. The incisions are designed to keep the resultant scars as inconspicuous as possible. When necessary, removal of fatty deposits beneath the skin and tightening of sagging muscles is preformed. The slack in the skin itself is then redraped and the excess removed. Most of your scars will be hidden within the hairline or within normal lines and creases in front of and behind the ears. The scars can usually be easily concealed by the hair and with the judicious use of makeup. Patients who do not have a significant amount of excess skin may sometimes be candidates for an Endoscopic facelift. Using an endoscope, we can smooth and tighten the skin and muscle through very small incisions that are easily concealed. After facelift surgery, you will experience some temporary skin discoloration and perhaps a tightness or numbness in the face and neck. Healing is gradual, so expect to wait several months for optimal results. Since your skin will remain somewhat sensitive for a few months, protection from the sun, including daily use of a sun block, is essential. You can wear cosmetics shortly after surgery. Ideal candidates for this procedure are men and women in their fifties and sixties who are active and healthy.  If you smoke, you must stop for at least one month before this procedure.  Join us for a consultation and find out what our surgeons can do for you.

Direct Neck Lift for Men Only

Do you want to tighten the loose skin, correct the separation in the neck muscles and remove the fat pocket in your neck and not have a full Face and Neck Lift?  We may have the answer.  A surgical procedure done in our facility under anesthesia can make all the difference.  This procedure offers less recovery time and the surgical scar is hardly seen.  View the photos below.