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Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery

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Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery: Restore & Refresh

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves reduction in the size and alteration in the shape of the labia minora or labia majora.

Labiaplasty may be one of the least common procedures performed by plastic surgeons, but it is part of an emerging trend as women have become increasingly interested in improving the functionality and appearance of just about any part of their bodies.  Since more and more women are shaving in the pubic area and, as a consequence, notice the extension of the labia.  In addition, women are more conscious of changes in any area of the body that may signify aging–including the groin area.

Reasons to consider this procedure:

  1. Female cyclists find discomfort during riding
  2. Equestrians bothered during horseback riding.
  3. Labia getting caught in jeans or underwear
  4. Labia being exposed when wearing a swimsuit bottom
  5. Women feel inhibited in intimacy and sexual situations
  6. Discomfort and irritation of the labial tissues

About the Procedure:

Can be performed in our surgery centre under a general anesthesia.  The procedure takes 1-2 hours and is always done as an out patient.

After Care:

There is swelling and minimal bleeding.  Comfort can be obtained with regular sits baths.  An absorbable stitch provides greatest comfort during recovery.

Cost of the procedure:

The cost of the Labiaplasty can range from $ 3000- $4000*, depending on the surgical procedure.    *Surgeon’s professional fees. The operating room and anesthesia fees are separate.

Type of procedure:

Aesthetic surgery of female genitalia is an uncommon procedure performed by gynecologists and plastic surgeons. Among the main procedures available, labia minora reduction can achieve excellent results, and the new genitalia greatly enhance self-esteem. In addition to the aesthetic outcome, better local hygiene, relief of chronic irritations, and lower interference with sexual intercourse have been reported as the main additional benefits. Recently, increased attention has been focused on cosmetic results and surgical techniques for labia minora reduction. Among the main options, simple protuberant tissue resection is the most simple and commonly used technique. Despite the reproducibility of the technique, this procedure removes the natural contour of the labia minora and replaces it with an irregular suture line with an unsatisfactory aesthetic result. In addition, wide and simple resection of the protuberant tissue can occasionally extend to the clitoris and put sexuality at risk. To avoid these undesirable aesthetic and functional outcomes, we use a simple and reliable technique based on inferior wedge labia minora resection and superior pedicle flap reconstruction.

How do I know if I have this problem:

labia-1Currently, labia minora hypertrophy constitutes a well-recognized physical deformity; however, there is no consensus about the objective clinical definition.  Some physicians have utilized a length of 5 cm or less calculated horizontally from the mid-line. Other investigators have suggested that normal labia minora length is less than 4 cm when measured between the base and its free edge. Individual aesthetic evaluation is necessary prior to any surgery, and it is our impression that most patients have their own idea of what constitutes normal aesthetic appearance.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Excess protrusive tissue is removed from the hood overlying the clitoris. After trimming off the excess bulk, the clitoral hood is reshaped to achieve a more aesthetic appearance.

Mons Pubis Reduction

Excess bulkiness of the mons is removed using either liposuction and/or surgical resection to achieve an appearance that is proportional to the patient. The incisions are usually hidden in the natural folds and creases of the mons.

Mons Pubis Enhancement

Loss of volume of the mons, commonly associated with aging, is corrected by re-inflating the mons. Fat grafting, using the patient’s own fat harvested from elsewhere in the body, is used to refill and reshape the mons. In some instances, soft-tissue fillers instead of fat grafting are used to enhance the appearance and fullness of the mons.

Labia Majora Enhancement

Loss of volume of the labia majora, most frequently associated with aging, is addressed by filling the labia majora with soft-tissue fillers or fat grafting. This procedure often can be performed using local anesthetic.

Schedule your consultation at The Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre. Our surgeons are experts in this topic.

The surgical consultation at Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre will begin with a patient-surgeon discussion of your concerns and desired outcomes. We expect you to tell us what your concerns are. They could involve the pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoral hood, perineum, vaginal opening or any combination of these. We will examine you and determine if your concern is aesthetic or functional or both. Some of our patients experience discomfort during intercourse, lack of sexual pleasure, issues with exercise or wearing certain clothing, or hygienic concerns.  For example, a patient with hypertrophy of the labial minora may experience poor hygiene, discomfort when wearing tight-fitting pants and pain during intercourse due to friction and folding of the labia.  A patient with insufficient subcutaneous fat underlying the mons pubis may experience pain during intercourse along the pubic bone.