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Before & After pictures of recent cases from Dr Ross' surgery albums. Case #1: Breast Augmentation, Case #2: Abdominoplasty, Case #3: Breast Reduction, Case #4: Gynecomastia Correction, Case # 5: Otoplasty, Case #6: Male Facelift, Case # 7: Female Facelift, Case #8: Removal of breast implants & Lift, Case #9: Mommy Make-over, Case #10: Echange of breast implants & Reapir, Case # 11: Breast Augmentation & RBM, Case # 12: Rhinoplasty, Case # 13: Lip Augmentation, Case # 14: Breast Augmentation, Case # 15: Breast Augmentation, Case # 16: Upper Blepharoplasty, Case # 17: Lipo360, Case #18 Breast Augmentation , Case #19 Gynecomastia Correction, Case #20 Face and Neck lift, Case # 21 Breast Augmentation and Correction of Tubular (Constricted) Breast Deformity, Case # 22 Abdominoplasty, Case # 23 Extended Abdominoplasty, Case #24 Breast Augmentation (Gel Implants)


Case 1:  Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation using gel implants. The before images are shown and the after images are next and the 8 month after images are shown. Notice that the long term results are very stable.

Case 2:  Abdominoplasty

This patient was most interested in having her abdominal wall muscles tightened in an effort to change the shape and appearance of her abdomen. The procedure was done to repair her diastasic rectified and to tighten the loose skin of the abdominal wall. She is very happy with her results.

Case 3:  Breast Reduction

This patient wanted to have her breasts reduced and lifted up. She did well and healed the incisions very quickly. After the procedure she commented on how the weight was lifter off her shoulders and her neck discomfort went away.

Case 4:  Gynecomastia

This young man was very upset with the appearance of his chest wall and breasts. He would not take off his shirt or go to the beach. A procedure called surgery for Gynecomastia was done. The procedure involves liposuction of the breasts and direct excision of the breast tissue and reduction of the areola. As you can see the results are significantly improved. He is now comfortable with his own body and he goes to the beach and takes off his shirt.

Case 5:  Otoplasty

This patient was very bothered by the shape of her ears. She wanted to have the procedure done as a younger lady but she recently had the Otoplasty procedure (Ear Pinning). She is very happy with her results.

Case # 6  Male Face & Neck Lift

This is a 76 year old male who is healthy and in good shape. He wanted to look more youthful as he feels. He underwent a Face & Neck Lift procedure. He had no pain and his recovery was uneventful. He went back to his regular daily routine in one week. He is very satisfied with his results.

Case #7  Female Face & Neck Lift and Lower Blepharoplasty

This is a 59 year old female who is healthy and she wanted to have a more rested and youthful appearance. She underwent a Face & Neck Lift and lower blepharoplasty procedure. The postoperative pictures are taken 2 months later. She is very happy with her results.

Case # 8  Removal of Breast Implants and Breast Lift

This is a 50 year old female who wanted to change her chest appearance. She had a breast augmentation many years ago. Currently she wanted to have her old implants removed and left out. A breast Lift was also done to tighten up the loose skin and lift her nipples up higher. She is very happy with the results of the procedure.

Case # 9  Mommy Make-over

This is a 38 year old female who wanted to get her pre-pregnancy body back after she lost weight. She underwent a breast augmentation procedure with gel implants and she had an abdominoplasty procedure to tighten her core muscles and to remove excess skin. She is very happy with her results.

Case # 10  Exchange of Breast Implants & Repair of Bottoming Out

A 35 year old female who had a breast augmentation done by another surgeon. She developed “bottoming out” of her breast implant. She underwent an exchange of her breast implants and repair of the support structures to hold the implants up in their pockets using a surgical sling. She is very happy with the results.

Case # 11  Breast Augmentation and Round Block Mastectomy

A patient who had children and nursed her children. She lost volume in her breasts. She wanted to have her pre-pregnancy breasts back so she underwent the breast augmentation procedure. This patient is very happy.


Case # 12  Rhinoplasty

This is a 35 year old female who wanted to alter the size and shape of her nose. The postoperative photos were taken 3 months after the procedure. 

Case #13 Lip Augmentation (using implants)

This patient had Perma Lip implants placed using 4 mm for both the upper and the lower lips. The top image is the before and the bottom image is the after. She is very happy with the early results.

Case # 14  Breast Augmentation and exchange of breast implants

This patient had her first breast augmentation done in 2003. The procedure was done using saline implants placed through the axilla. She did well and loved her results. Recently the patient returned for a secondary procedure. She wanted the new “gummy-bear” type implants from Allergan. The implants were placed through the areola using a Keller Funnel. Notice on the pictures how well the areola healed and you can not even find the incision site. The patient is very happy with her new look. The breasts feel amazing and she gets compliments all the time.

Case # 15.  

This patient had a breast augmentation done using Allergan Soft touch Implants.

Case # 16
Upper Blepharoplasty


Case #17 
Liposuction 360 (Abdomen, flanks and back)

Case # 18
Breast Augmentation using Allergan Gel Implants

Case # 19
Repair of Gynecomastia


Case # 20
Face and Neck Lift
The patient is 62 years old

Case # 21
Breast Augmentation using Allergan Gel Implants & Correction of Tubular Breast Deformity

Case # 22

Case # 23

Case # 24
Breast Augmentation
49 year old who wanted to increase the size of her breasts. The implants are Allergan Natrelle size 295 cc, placed through the inframammary fold and under her chest wall muscles.