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Breast Implant Revision


If we recommended the use of a special tissue support material such as Seri silk, the following may be of interest to you.  Some patients will have a soft tissue problem after having a breast augmentation procedure.  The problems may be:


Soft tissue support with SERI Scaffold may be helpful.

Some of these common issues from a previous breast procedure may look familiar. Surgical procedures to address them may require support of weakened soft tissue to help maintain the results you desire. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary.


When the tissue below the breast becomes too weak or stretched, the breast can drop abnormally low. Seri Scaffold may help strengthen the weakened soft tissue in the lower half of the breast to provide extra soft tissue support.



When the fold below the breast (inframammary fold) or on the side of the breast (lateral fold) is weakened, your breast can drop or drift. Seri Scaffold may help reinforce the soft tissue in the inframammary or lateral fold with added strength to help support your procedure.


This happens when the breast pocket is too large.  Seri Scaffold may help support your sift tissue to help you achieve and maintain your desired results.


The quality of the skin that surrounds your breast tissue can significantly affect the shape of your breasts, especially when you have minimal body fat or thin skin.  Seri Scaffold may help provide soft tissue support while your body creates new tissue to help reinforce your results.


When this happens, you may experience discomfort or a distorted appearance.  Seri Scaffold may help reinforce your results by providing soft tissue support while your body creates new tissue.

Ask us if SERI Scaffold may be right for you.