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The Sientra Choice



Simplicity is Beauty

Sientra brings the Slimed brand of implants to the US with over 33 years of international quality and safety in manufacturing these implants.

  • Sientra implants feature the latest in gel technology and the strongest cohesive gel available in the US today in a round implant. 

  • Sientra round implants have 50% greater resistance to gel fracture compared to other round implants currently on the market.

  • Sientra Shaped implants have the highest resistance to gel fracture of any shaped implants in the US

  • Sientra implants contain High Strength, Form Stable Cohesive Silicone gel.

  • Sientra offers the best warranty of all 3 manufacturers- lifetime product replacement including contra-lateral side, 10 year surgical fee coverage up to $4600.

  • Sientra offers the widest variety of styles and profiles in anatomically shaped (tear drop) implants that are FDA approved in the US today.

  • Sientra is the only company that sells to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons only!!!

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